Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another FIVE Innocent Men Exonerated

Received this article today from The Innocence Project:

Twenty Years Later, Six Nebraskans are Cleared

Five people were exonerated Monday in Nebraska, nearly two decades after they were convicted of a murder they didn't commit.

In 1989, Joseph White was convicted of murder after four of his five co-defendants were coerced into falsely admitting to involvement in the crime and testifying against him. White spent 18 years in prison before he was released last year when DNA testing proved his innocence and pointed to the identity of the real perpetrator.

On Monday, White's five co-defendants were fully pardoned, clearing their names completely. Including these new cases, 232 people nationwide have been exonerated through DNA testing.

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  1. The Innocence Project sounds like an incredible organization. What I wonder about in a case like this is whether those who coerced the testimony of the co-defendants will be held accountable. Not only for the wrongful conviction of White, but we all know what 'coerced' means in a situation like this. I'm pretty sure the co-defendants weren't convinced to falsely admit to their involvement in the crime over tea and crumpets.